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TV & Radio Interviews With Gordon Kirkland

Gordon Kirkland is a lively and engaging guest on radio and television shows across the United States and Canada. He brings to the studio the same sense of humor and quick wit that his readers and live audiences have come to expect.

His interviews cover topics ranging from current events to the life of a writer. In addition he is often asked to comment on issues surrounding his disability arising from a spinal cord injury he sustained in a 1990 automobile accident.

Dawn Chubai (left) the host of Breakfast Television on CITY-TV in Vancouver, BC with Gordon on the set of the show.

Gordon Kirkland with Dan St. Yves On thatdanguy's Podcast

Part 1 of the Interview

Gordon Kirkland on Dialogue: Between the Lines
with Susan Wingate and Joshua Graham, 
Sept. 15, 2011

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Gordon Kirkland Talking Book Marketing


Marla Millar's Marketing Our Muse

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Gordon Kirkland on Breakfast Televison Dec. 3, 2009






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