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The Plight Before Christmas

11 Weeks On The Amazon Parenting & Family Humor Best Sellers List! Hit #1 on December 9, 2011!

What if Murphy’s Law took over the holidays?

James Kelly is a toy store owner, longing for the days when imagination didn’t come in the form of a computer chip in the latest incarnations of video game consoles. His store is suffering a pre-Christmas disaster, in part because the shoppers have all headed out to the malls near the edge of town, and partially because it is almost Christmas and there hasn’t been a hint of snow. When snow starts falling outside his store, James daydreams his way back to a much earlier holiday season, when the snow was late in arriving.

When snow came on that late December day in the early 1960’s, it brought with it a series of calamities and disasters to the Kelly household. If something could go wrong, it would, and if several things could go wrong, they all would in a cascade of comedic misadventures. No one was immune, especially James and his father Charles.

The Plight Before Christmas is written with the same sense of wit and whimsy that Kirkland brought to his earlier award-winning and best selling books, and in his syndicated humor column that ran in American and Canadian newspapers from 1994 to 2007. This story is written for adults, but is also suitable for older YA readers.

W. Bruce Cameron, the author of Eight Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter, A Dog's Purpose, Emory's Gift and more says, "A wonderful, nostalgic look at a simpler time and place, The Plight Before Christmas will appeal to fans of A Christmas Story. You don't just read about this family--you live with them as they fumble and stumble to a hilarious holiday."

Syndicated humor columnist, blogger (Lost In Suburbia), and author (Rebel Without A Minivan) Tracy Beckerman says, “The Plight Before Christmas is misnamed. It should be called 'The Gift Before Christmas' because this magical story is the best gift you can give or receive for the holidays!”

The Plight Before Christmas is available in paperback and in e-book format for the Amazon Kindle. Buy it here.



"Fargo without the wood chipper."

Someone is killing the residents of a small Kansas town. Although the victims appear to have been randomly chosen, the killer has made a very meticulous list of who among the residents of the town must receive his judgment. 

The two deputies, who must solve this case before too many more residents are slain, are far from seasoned police professionals. Dave Simmons, the senior of the two, is doing his best to improve by learning new police techniques. He'd like to bring geographic profiling to the department, but a serious impediment to that goal is his propensity to get lost whenever he gets behind the wheel of his police cruiser. Chuck Wilson the other deputy would like to be a police dog handler. Unfortunately, the County cannot afford a properly trained police dog, so he is trying to make do with Duke, his own Springer Spaniel, a dog with an intelligence quotient just slightly lower than the average head of cabbage.

Added to the mix is a missing romance author who arrived in town to interview the first murder victim just before his death, an ambitious small town newspaper reporter, who gets her leads across the pillow from the junior deputy, and the grieving father of one of the victims.

Kirkland wrote the first draft of Crossbow during the taping of BookTelevision's series The 3-Day Novel.

Canadian author Minister Faust (The Alchemists of Kush) was one of the judges during the taping of the TV series. He commented that "...reading Kirkland's story was like taking an intensive course in plot development. He wove a terrific plot, filled with suspense, along with a good deal of humor and charm."

Crossbow is available in paperback and in e-book format for the Amazon Kindle. Buy it here.



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