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"I make every effort to live life to the fullest, despite being confined to a wheelchair, and dealing with life after an organ transplant. I hope the information contained in these pages will help others do the same."

Gordon Kirkland

Information For Pre and Post-Transplant Patients

Waiting for a transplant is an unbelievable stressful situation for the patient. It also causes a great deal of stress for the patient's friends and family, and in particular, the primary care giver. In almost all cases, the patient is in a life or death situation, and facing up to that fact is not easy for anyone involved.

Much of the specific information on this page will be for those waiting for or recovering from a liver transplant, however there will be general information here that can be applied to all forms of transplant. You will find links to informative websites that Gordon recommends, and Gordon's own writing on the subject. We hope you will find this to be a useful site, and wish everyone all the very best on their transplant journeys.

Findd the provincial and state registration information to speed the process of registering to be an organ donor.

This is an excellent article in understandable terms describing conditions resulting in the need for a liver transplant, and the procedures used.

This article by Gordon Kirkland takes a slightly whimsical look at the important subject of dealing with the rumors surrounding life after a transplant.

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