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Gordon Kirkland On Television

The 3-Day Novel TV Series

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Over the Labor Day Weekend in 2007, 12 very different writers were gathered together inside a big-box bookstore in Edmonton Alberta. Each was given the task of completing a novel between midnight Friday and midnight Monday.

They were allowed to bring a one-page outline of a story idea and any research materials they might require. Beds (Ikea children's bunkbeds) were provided in a back room. One look at Gordon will tell you just how long he spent trying to fit his body into an Ikea children's bunkbed!

Throughout the weekend, the writers' trains of thought were derailed on numerous ocasions, by challenges they had to complete, customers looking over their shoulders, sleep deprivation, and the ever present (yes even in the restrooms) televison cameras.

After numerous delays, a much shortened version of the series finally aired in the Fall of 2009. It continues to run in syndication in Canada.

Gordon Kirkland's On-Camera Audition

Gordon reading from his story with musical
accompaniment during the taping of the TV series.

The Cast
Back Row: Jennifer Isaac, James Burns, Mathew Trafford, 
Paul Matwychuk, Gordon Kirkland
Front Row: Joe Goodwill, Gayleen Froese, Lorna London, Nancy Belgue, 
Marty Chan, Rebecca Shuttleworth, Tracy Thompson

When All Was Said And Done... all was said and done... and written.
Gordon Kirkland, Rebecca Shuttleworth, Jennifer Isaac, Tate Young (producer.)






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