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"I make every effort to live life to the fullest, despite being confined to a wheelchair, and dealing with life after an organ transplant. I hope the information contained in these pages will help others do the same."

Gordon Kirkland

Disability and Travel

St. Lucia

Gordon Kirkland says, "I often find it somewhat bemusing, when someone is surprised that I am still able to enjoy travel. Obviously there are things that need to be handled differently, but with a very little effort, my travel experiences can be just as good as anyone else's."

In the first few years after his injury, Gordon did not travel very far from home. When his first book was published in 1999, it necessitated traveling across Canada, and to many American cities to promote the book. Travel is now an important part of his life, both for the business of promoting his books, and for personal enjoyment.

This page will provide links useful for those wishing to travel with their wheelchairs, as well as articles written by Gordon Kirkland on the subject.

Some tips and ideas about traveling to the Caribbean with a mobility issue or following a transplant (or both!)

Whenever possible, Gordon Kirkland flies on Westjet. Their One Person One Fare Program makes air travel much easier for passengers in wheelchairs, including providing seating in their Plus seats, and covering the cost of an attendant's flight (if needed) within Canada. Visit their website to apply for the program.


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